Bronze Pouring at the Summer Fete

London Sculpture Workshop joined the community on Saturday 4th July 2015 for the summer fete at the Jenny Hammond Primary School.

Giles Corby brought the mobile foundry and set up in the playground; pictures below show Giles, Mark and Sally pouring the bronze into the insect moulds – each of the moulds has runners and risers – these are made out of wax like the insects and create the ways that the bronze flows into the moulds and allows the air to escape as the metal takes its place!

Hundreds of people watched the artists pour the bronze into the moulds of the wax insects made by the Bees children from drawings made by children across the school community!


First the bronze was melted, to temperatures beyond 1200 degrees, then it was poured into the moulds.The same alchemic process of course first used by human being during the bronze age 2500BC when people first discovered how to make bronze.


IMG_7208IMG_7216 IMG_7240

When the bronze had cooled down the moulds were chipped off with a hammer and chisel to reveal the bronze insects inside – it was magical and you never know if its going to work or not as the science of bronze casting never gives you the exact results you think you might get!


The pairs bronze insects will now be sited around the local community with one inside the school grounds and the other in the mile wide radius of the school.


IMG_7275 IMG_7191


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