Bee Composed?

Found this very interesting talk and it made me think about things our very own Eric Beaumont, Bee Keeper extraordinaire has shared with us ; Eric is providing honey for the Butlers Bakery (Bees) Honey Bun for the [dis]tinct project which launches at The Jenny Hammond Primary School, E11 on Friday May19th 2017 – very exciting!

This city of ours is full of amazing people sharing ideas … the new anthropocene epoc, which describes this very period in history where humans are having more impact upon changes in our world than anything else upon the earth – and that’s big!

How have human interventions affected honeybees? Is there a resemblance between human society and bee ecology? How can art and music speak for science? Join composer and sound installation artist Lily Hunter Green and Birkbeck’s Seda Ilter for a workshop-discussion. This is an event linked to Green’s multi-media installation Bee Composed Live.

This event is part of Birkbeck Arts Week 2017 – see the full programme here.DSCN0035


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