Preparing for Beaky, The Giant Mobile Periscope!



The Bees made Portable Periscopes TWICE over the course of the [dis]tinct project, firstly going into every class (!) to demonstrate to every child just how to do it!

…. and now, a week before the 19th May 2017 launch, we made Box Periscopes using empty washed out drinks cartons to make five periscopes then covering them in insect drawings so that they can show people coming to the launch of [dis]tinct and share the fun of seeing behind you, above you and to the side of you …. the hidden things you don’t usually see when you are looking …

We had a lot of fun making these with ex student AyoOluwa Ogunbambi-Alao – now 23 years old and just graduated from Exeter University AyoOluwa with a first degree with Honors, in Electrical Engineering – The Bees were very inspired to meet her as a woman engineer is not common enough in the UK!

The best bit was that we got to use them outside when everyone else had finished their morning break (the world seemed to look different because no one else was there and through a PIMG_1220IMG_1224eriscope to the side, the back, above!)

Here is the link for everyone to do this at home:

How to make your own Box Periscopes out of drinks cartons!

…… ‘plastic mirrors’ allowing – think you can get at certain shops for around a pound!!


Does it matter that there are things in the world, and in your very local community that you never see?

If everything was visible how would you feel?

How do we value and respect the things we don’t know ?

Can ‘not knowing’ be an exciting thing?!? 



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