[dis]tinct: an arts and science project in our community

[dis]tinct is an arts & science project exploring through our complex relationship with insects, the ‘hidden’ cultural / biodiversity within our community, and the richness and positive impact of continual migration to London.

Artist’s workshops with children and community will result in pairs of small bronze insects sited in specific community locations within the school and its square mile circumference, leading out towards Wanstead Flats, part of Epping Forest common lands.

Makers will lead community workshops to create a giant periscope, which will wrap itself around the Victorian school building allowing us to see hidden aspects of the school where the lead artists will site new works in parallel to the bronze insects.


Jenny Hammond’s [dis]tinct project spanning a year, will commission artists to lead the community in co-producing – both making and siting – art in the public realm:

30 pairs of Bronze Insects (3.5- 4 cm sized) will be sited on buildings / public places within a Mile Wide radius of the school and inside the school building & grounds
– A Giant Periscope space/room will wrap around the Victorian building & lead artists Sally Labern & Jacques Nimki will create further new art works, inspired by the project’s enquiry that can only be seen using this Periscope!

Through our complex relationships with insects, we will explore changing biodiversity & hidden cultural differences and value in migration as a positive experience, & how we mirror nature in terms of change, adaption and symbiosis within our communities.

– Three Public Community Events will enable local people to take part in the project including making the Periscope with architects and the community spectacle of the Community Bronze Castingin July 2015!
– A core group of culturally diverse adults & children called the Bees, will lead project workshops connecting to the wider community of one of London’s poorest borough wards, as project participants.
– London Zoo, Horniman Museum, Epping Forest & the new wildlife pond on Wanstead Flats, Artists with UEL’s artist Mark Sowden /and Slade & London Sculpture Centre’s Giles Corby,  and ‘Maker’ Rob Shaer from Blackhorse Workshop, and faith institutions and local businesses, parents and local residents will all support this project with partners and makers in delivering the project.
The impact of [dis]tinct will be on many levels, including its legacy of permanent – albeit discretely sited, public artworks to share with the wider community over the longer term.

We have a steering group that includes the lead artists, the Deputy Head Teacher John Yates-Harold and the school’s Chair of Governors Simon Ward – they all meet regularly to keep the project on track.


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